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This is my dream

This is my dream. I like for life to be like this—full of color, full of dancing, playing, drinking. Always, everybody loves to have that fun. Black and white is reality. It’s just black and white. It’s very strong, very harsh, very intense.

Another guest asked: “Your faces are so interesting. It seems like the eyes are closed.

And when I think of having closed eyes, I think of someone being very happy, experiencing a moment of deep, intense joy. Am I on the right track?’

To which Hessam answered: Exactly, I am not going to pay attention to the details. I am

very professional, I know all the anatomy, all muscles perfectly. I know that. But I don’t want to do that. I try to show a little bit of the subject so you can figure out what subject it is, then you finish the painting with your interpretation. This is my goal.

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