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Studio Fine Art

3408 N Ocean Blvd,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308


Phone: 305-705-2166


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Studio Fine Art, a fine art publishing company.


Since our inception in 2001, our mission has been to create, nurture and continue each of our artist’s legacies while expanding their collector base by promoting and presenting their work professionally throughout our dealers worldwide. It’s one thing to admire a piece of art for its color or composition but it’s another thing to understand the passion and meaning behind the piece. Therefore, we work closely with our galleries to make everyday art lovers into significant fine art collectors.


Our company strives to provide the highest quality product and printmaking from the highest quality of artists. We continue to build relationships with galleries old and new, in order to provide a top-notch service tailored for their needs. Our galleries are our partners, not just our customers, and that is why we are able to do business with them for many years.


 If you like to learn more about becoming an exclusive dealer in your area representing anyone of our artists, contact Kaveh at 818.430.6447 or email

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