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Hessam Abrishami's Magical Mystical Tour

Born in 1951 in Shiraz, Iran, to middle-class parents, Hessam Abrishami is one of eight brothers and sisters. At 15, his talent was recognized by a high school teacher who encouraged him to pursue his passion for art. In 1975, he moved to Perugia, Italy, to complete his master of fine art degree. Italy’s atmosphere of bright colors and quiet artistic environment influenced his works. Hessam has exhibited in Europe, Asia, and North America including many one-man shows. His paintings and sculptures are in collections around the world.

Tender Shoulder glows with vibrant colors that shows Hessam’s ability to translate his feelings to canvas in a distinct style all his own. Hessam explores the core of his world and paints his powerful and passionate discoveries. His creations are thought-provoking, fascinating and entertaining.

Using limited details, Hessam creates mood through colors and shapes rather than photo-realistic reproductions that leave nothing to the imagination. Although he combines abstract expressionistic and post impressionistic styles, his paintings are easy to understand. In Tender Shoulder, a dove rests on the sleeper’s hand. It could fly away, but its pose reflects the couple’s peaceful repose and desire to remain where they are.

Tension and tranquillity seesaw in Peace in Purity. Colorful blends produce contrasting patterns that unveil emotions. People gather and a dove, unlike the peaceful symbol in Tender Shoulder, poses on a hand, its feathers and demeanor tense.

Interpretations of faces are one of his extraordinary talents. Squiggles of color separate and highlight emotions on both sides of faces and expose the personalities of the subjects. People show one side to the world while trying to keep the other to themselves. Hessam’s images hold up a mirror that offers us a glimpse into both sides of our souls.

At the lower right of Peace in Purity, a shape that resembles the dove above turned upside down balances the composition.

Hessam’s color combinations and delicate overlays are magical. He creates light that highlights warm and cool points of interest that dazzle your intellect and inner spirit with breath taking pleasure.

“I didn’t set out to use bright colors,” Hessam said, “They just came out. This is important, I don’t give any directions to my paintings. Any colors I use just come from my feelings. I don’t think about bright colors or dark colors or lines or anything. Whatever comes, that’s good enough for me.”

Pride and Joy is a remarkable choreography of color. The painting’s happy fluid and luminous images leap from the canvas and into your heart. Although colors look like they were brushed on with gay abandon, the placements of complimentary blends of orange-reds next to blue-greens and yellow-oranges next to purple-blues, make areas pop with excitement and demonstrate Hessam’s talent as a colorist.

Creating custom patinas which cover three-dimensional bronze sculptures, Hessam has expanded his breadth of creativity. Like his paintings, the glow of colors seems to emanate from within. Their titles Inseparable, Revelation, and Attached are a clue to their composition. Sometimes people feel intimidated to enter a gallery, especially when paintings of unquestionable quality are displayed. I encourage you to stop at Shaw Gallery, owned by Barbara Shaw, located at 761 Fifth Avenue South. Director Steve Kidd is friendly and knowledgeable. The gallery’s eclectic collection will inspire your appreciation of the art.

For information call 261-7828 or visit

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