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A Passion For Art

Pay a visit to Iranian born artist Hessam Abrishami’s Westlake Village Studio any given day and you are likely to find him standing at his easel or across the room gazing in affectionately, as a parent at their young child, at the unfolding beauty of his most recent creation in a constant quest to flawlessly communicate his artistic vision and bring the fledgling work to maturity.

Further exploration of his studio would make Hessam's avid propensity to create a1undantly clear through the collection of exquisite artworks which adorn the walls.

It is this unfailing devotion to creation, which has contributed significantly to the meteoric success that Hessam has enjoyed over the years. Hessam, a consummate classically trained contemporary artist with a Master of Fine Art degree obtained from the Academia di Belle Arti in Perguia, Italy best describes this love affair with painting & sculpting himself in the following excerpt from an interview with Abbass Daneshvari, PhD (Professor of Art History at California State University). "When a work is right. I know that my life is right. I lay the painting at the foot of the bed and fall asleep looking at it. I wake up in the morning to look at it again. This euphoria lasts only for a few days and I then go on searching for the next rush" This inexorable attention to his life’s work is intuitively characteristic of Hessam and is perpetuated in all of his artistic endeavors.

It is manifest in the press as they most often refer to Hessam’s work as "The Essence of Love & Romance". Hessam’s work transcends political, social, economic and cultural barriers. These simply elegant yet sumptuous artworks capture the onlookers attention and communicate Hessam’s artistic vision through a dynamic syntax of sensuous lines, energetic compositions, commanding expressions and extraordinarily rich vibrant colors. His manifold repertoire of mediums includes acrylic paintings, charcoal & pastel sketches and mixed media pastel and charcoal line drawings. His work has been described as both Post Modernist and Abstract Expressionist whichever way you perceive them it cannot be disputed that they transport the viewer into realm that is unique to it.

Mr. Abrishami’s artistic proclivities and energies have expanded to include not only contemporary portraiture but cast bronze sculpture as well. This most corporeal of all mediums and Hessam's preferred medium to work in have provided the onlooker a unique opportunity to view & comprehend Hessam's work in an unprecedented way.

This predilection and passion for sculpting has culminated in Hessam’s conspicuous imagery being lifted off the canvas and portrayed in three brilliant dimensions. Although they are idiosyncratic art forms, unique expressions of figure, shape, and form are revealed to the observer. It is the corporeality of Hessam’s sculpture that provides the more intimate visualization allows every segment of the population, most notably the blind, to participate and share in Hessam’s artistic vision.

To observe Hessam Abrishami, as he creates is exhilarating. It is as to witness the birth of something exciting and new. As Hessam creates, he becomes oblivious to the world around him. All that is temporal fades away and Hessam is left with himself, his spirituality and his artistic proclivity. It is at these moments when the timeless artworks that millions of people throughout the world have come to love and admire are born. As Hessam’s work continues to receive critical acclaim within the upper echelons of the contemporary art world the profoundness of his impact on contemporary society has become incalculable. One thing is certain however, with Hessam’s unrelenting devotion to creation, innovation and to the preservation of his artistic vision along with an ever-increasing public appreciation for his work globally, it is assured Hessam will leave a legacy to be admired for many generations to come.

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