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Hessam Abrishami at Newbury Fine Arts

If one had to simply classify Hessam Abrishami’s art, one would identify it as colorist. His rich use of color through dynamic composition create aesthetically stimulating works of art. Although his subject matter is predominately figurative, Hessam interposes geometric shapes, which keep the surface visually exciting. Originally from Iran, Hessam developed an early interest in art, which quickly developed into an artistic obsession. This “desire” to create, eventually delivered him to Italy where he studied and completed his masters at the prestigious Acadamia de Belle Arti. It was there that he was exposed to Western Art and experimented in Impressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, and Modern Art. However, it wasn’t until his return to Iran, when he found his country in a state of revolution that a dramatic change appeared in his paintings. His canvas reflected the frenetic energy that he felt around him and in order to preserve his artistic freedom travel was inevitable. After a brief visit to Italy, Hessam immigrated to the United States during 1984. At this time his unique style was fully realized as one that has the exciting combination of the Eastern and Western worlds. Adding the Eastern tradition of the gestural to the vivid color palette of the Mediterranean, Hessam achieves an innovated sense of the figure within a diversely colored composition. At first one follows his brush stokes to decipher form and expression, yet with a further look one can follow his personal influences from East to West. Hessam: Recent Paintings, Pastels, Drawings and Serigraphs opens on May 13 and runs through June 2. The gallery is located at 29 Newbury Street, Boston, MA. A private reception will be held to honor Hessam’s premier Boston exhibition. For additional information, please call 617-536-0210.

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