paola gracey

The first glimpse of Paola's artwork sparks an intriguing curiosity that demands an immediate answer to the question "what is that?' Her early exposure to the Miami art scene and her background in science academia has culminated in a very unique and distinctive style. She adopts and incorporates science concepts, chemical equations, and symbolic representations into her paintings.

“After all isn’t everything chemistry?” Paola says. Her passion is working with the physical aspects of acrylics, resins, gels, and additives, exploring their every combination as well as their limitations on canvas. 

Kinetic e- XXXXIII
Acrylic, Glitter, and Epoxy Resin on Canvas
48in. x 48in.
Kinetic e- Mini Collection XI
Acrylic, Glitter, and Epoxy Resin on Panel
16in. x 16in.
Kinetic e-XXXXII
Acrylic and Epoxy Resin on Canvas
48in. x 48in.
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Paola's artwork has been exhibited throughout the United States and featured abroad. Her most recent commissions include the first-ever flying art gallery by Delta and Coke The Tray Art Project and 3 murals for the remodeling of Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide Corporate Offices in NYC. 

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